Characteristics of milk-filtering products

The raw-materials of these products do not contain any harmful agents nor get in contact with any material that impairs health during the preparation and production.

BIMF code        W.                H.                 Note.                Type 

A626Z             57mm           62cm               bag               Alfa-Laval

A516Z             57mm           51cm               bag               Mile

A476Z             57mm           47cm               bag               Westfalia

A456Z             57mm           45cm               bag               Westfalia short

B606Z             78mm           60cm               bag               Baumatic

B826Z             78mm           82cm               bag

F266Z             72mm           26cm               bag

F456Z             72mm           45cm               bag               Sac (Christensen)

F506Z             72mm           50cm               bag

F526Z             72mm           52cm               bag

F556Z             72mm           55cm               bag

F626Z             72mm           62cm               bag               Fullwood

F826Z             72mm           82cm               bag               Elfa

H836Z             130mm         83cm               bag

K204Z             200mm                             circle

K224Z             220mm                              circle

K254Z             250mm                              circle

L456Z             93mm           45cm               bag

L626Z             93mm           62cm               bag               Alfa Laval New

L656Z             93mm           65cm               bag

R456Z             87mm           45cm               bag               Sac short

R646Z             87mm           64cm               bag

U256Z             147mm         25cm               bag

U616Z             147mm         60cm               pipe              New-Zeland

U846Z             147mm         84cm



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