The history of our enterprise

It unites with the story of a family. The Bakóczy family is still working together for the everyday prosperity and wishes to leave "something" behind for our children. The family is an important force that holds together, therefore the one who relates to this enterprise,- although not being a born Bakóczy -can find brother, friend, partner here even so. 
We could as well begin our story in the XIII.century but let's read about the period following the political changes of the 89' instead. 



Our business philosophy

To realize our dreams from the childhood,
A modern manufactory
A family thinking and working together.
The friends are partners. The partners are friends. 
Economical production, environment protection, health care, perhaps restoring the value captured from the nature: while the "power controlling the economy" is controversial to this conception plainly.
Let's not only talk but DO something for the Future!

Mobil: +36 30/995-8955 E-mail
Bimf Kft. 4030 Magyarország Debrecen Gázvezeték utca 12.

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