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We would like to share a few of our ideas with You.
We are pleased to report on our success so far.If you have been our partner also up to now, then you know that the BIMF is a big family. 
In case you have not been familiar with our products till now, then you can get an insight into our history. 
You can get acquainted with the goods and systems produced or marketed by us.
We share our plans with You and are open to receive your opinion.



Our products

We produce nearly a thousand types of goods from the base-materials of the so called "not-woven textiles" that are imported and processed by us.
These are disks, sacks, inserts suitable for filtering foodstuff like milk and beer. 
This material is used for lining by those "embroidering", working in healthcare and at home for "dry and wet wiping", at road construction and at coffin lining.
User System Combined by Energy deriving from Alternative Source: AFEK
User System Combined by Solar Energy
Our system serving for the economical use of energy gained from different source, that is not wide-spread at us, yet deserves a separate chapter!

Mobil: +36 30/995-8955 E-mail kapcsolat@bimf.hu
Bimf Kft. 4030 Magyarország Debrecen Gázvezeték utca 12.

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